MSc Komunikacja mobilna,bezprzewodowa oraz szerokopasmowa

MSc Komunikacja mobilna,bezprzewodowa oraz szerokopasmowa (MSc Mobile, Wireless and Broadband Communications)


The demand for engineers in both wide-area and local-area communication networks is currently flourishing, and is expected to continue growing as multimedia data transmissions find more applications in everyday life. The latest communications standards have been hugely influential in accelerating dissemination of mobile telephony, internet-on-the-move, video and audio streaming and mobile computing. They have achieved truly compatible international communications for everyone, and society is displaying a voracious appetite for communications on a scale that surpasses even the most optimistic projections of a few short years ago.

The expansion of communications companies is prodigious. While most of the headlines focus on large corporate entities, there is a strong upsurge of small and medium enterprises devoted to niche products and services fuelling the communications machine. This has led to a colossal demand for engineers skilled in these emerging communications technologies, and has shaped this MSc. There is now a long-term and growing market for graduates possessing a clear overview of current communications capabilities in both cellular and broadband wireless networks. This course sets out to give you just such a breadth of view, and press home experience of implementation details via problem-solving, project and simulation work.

We also have a network laboratory for the design and evaluation of computer network architectures, an FPG A (Field Programmable Gate Array) laboratory for the latest chip creation technology, and an embedded systems laboratory for the development of systems using microcontrollers, digital signal processors and general-purpose microprocessors. These facilities are for the exclusive use of students and staff, providing resources that are among the best in the country.


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